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For those who know what's what - I just leave the here referral link to from the app in the Google Play Store.

and for those who want to know why I believed in their project, I will add a few more words.

If you are interested in altcoins, please pay attention to the Cro. This coin from You can earn up to 20% apr on it now with all bonuses and with a limited period of time.

it sounds too good to be the truth and even scary, but I decided to take a chance because the project is developing very well. So recently they have developed their own exchange and are now potentially very strong competitors to Binance.

Singapore based project (also registered in Malta). in addition, they use cold storage from ledger.

In addition, they Recently increased their Deposit insurance bringing the total amount to $360m! The insurance was purchased from Lloyd's-and this is a very solid company.

They also issue Visa cards with which it is convenient to spend the accumulated dividends or interest on your deposits. visa card JADE Green benefits service is available in Singapore, Europe, USA, Canada, Turkey...

If you dare to try, you can get $50 in their coins for this referral: to sign up for and we both get $50 USD.

Yes, I will get it too :)

This is the second crypto Bank that I use. The first CelsiusNetwork - you probably already heard about it.

I like this project a lot more - for example, CelsiusNetwork doesn't have cards yet. And the application at works better and provides more services.

once again in brief about the main advantages of the project:

  • Insurance for $360m. in case of a hacker attack.
  • Insurance is fed not just where, but in such an eminent insurance company as Lloyd's Syndicate
  • 100% volume of funds stored on cold wallets and Ledger Vault custodians.
  • it has a strategic partnership with Ledger, a global leader in security and infrastructure solutions for cryptocurrencies.
  • The issue of cards from the Visa payment system also speaks volumes, as in order to become their partner, you will need to settle a lot of legal issues. The Visa system is currently the most widespread in the world and it is unlikely that such a company would risk its reputation by supporting scam projects.
  • Finding the main headquarters in Singapore is an important factor for me personally. Yes, they are officially registered in Malta, but according to other articles and ads about work and terms of service, for example, residents of Singapore can get their card in just 3 days, while Europeans will have to wait from 6 to 10 days!

CelsiusNetwork is also a very good project (in my purely subjective opinion). If someone wants to-the link is also there: CelsiusNetwork

In General, you have heard my arguments, and it is up to you to decide as always.

Usefull Links:

  • Read more about security features on the official website: here

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