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Obout CelsiusNetwork

For those who know what's what - I just leave the here referral link to from the app in the Google Play Store.

And for those who want to know why I believed in their project, I will add a few more words.

If you are interested in altcoins, please pay attention to the #CEL token. This coin from CelsiusNetwork. You can earn up to 5.12% apr on your CEL coin stake.

Project's headquarters is based in London, UK.

Cold storage from BitGo custodian (here).

In addition, they have an insurance for the total amount of $100m!

They don't issue any Debit cards (liek Visa) cards with which your could spend the accumulated dividends or interest on your deposits.

CelsiusNetwork Team

Crypto.com service is available in many countries and regions like: Europe, USA, Canada, China...

If you dare to try, you can get $20 in #BTC for this referral: CelsiusNetwork to sign up for CelsiusNetwork and we both get $20 USD in BTC!

Yes, I will get it too :)

This was the first crypto Bank that I decided to give it a try. The second Crypto.com - you probably already heard about it. Get $50 as a referral bonus signing up wiht this referral code: 'y73ue636q3'.

I like this project more and more, beacuse they developing pretty fast and becoming more and more user-friendly providing more services. For example they have just added a service which allows to buy the crypto via their app via Visa card. Soon the convencional bank transfers are also available - I can't wait for it!

Once again in brief about the main advantages of the project:

  • Alex Mashinsky as a CEO - gives me more assurance than anything else. He is also well known as the VOIP creator. Read more about him here.
  • Insurance for $100m. in case of a hacker attack.
  • BitGo castodian providing additional security layer.
  • Two-Factor Authentication (2FA).
  • Headquarters in UK is an important factor for me personally. And they have some spots in USA as well.
CelsiusNetwork Terms

Crypto.com is also a very good project (in my purely subjective opinion). If someone wants to-the link is also there: Crypto.com

In General, you have heard my arguments, and it is up to you to decide as always.

Usefull Links:

  • Official CelsiusNetwork website: here

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