Zero waste shampoo (Organic Shampoo, Bar 4-Pack)

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  • $15.99

  • 100% organic and environmentally friendly: this shampoo soap bar is 100% organic and sulfate free. We believe in being environmentally friendly, so everything from our products to packaging is done with the utmost care. No need to dump a giant plastic shampoo bottle when you can get the rich flavor of organic soap at an affordable price.
  • 4-pack = 4-6 months of traditional shampoo: these variety packs last a long time! With daily use, one 4-pack lasts 4 to 6 months (about 2-3 bottles of shampoo).
  • Travel friendly and camp friendly: no more worries about TSA PAT downs. Our shampoo bar is plane friendly so you can travel with your favorite shampoo without hassle. Perfect for camping!
  • Dyes not included: our shampoo bars do not contain artificial dyes, sulfates, hazardous chemicals, or other substances that damage your hair. Buying a mini meditation shampoo bar means you get natural shampoo to help nourish and strengthen your hair.

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