• Donate a cup of coffee via PayPal

Donate a cup of coffee via PayPal

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Do you know how to become a superhero? Well, there is good news - it is not as difficult as it might seem! Because the true superheroes are not only those with superpowers like super speed or a magic hummer or who came from another planet. True superheroes are those who wake up every morning, watch youtube and support good young projects - the people like you!

Just buy us a cup of coffee and who knows, maybe you will save the planet!

Donate a cup of coffee via PayPal

To send us a cup of coffee just:

  • Click the "Coffee via PayPal" button
  • or just go via the link: www.paypal.me/blogstoreio
  • or just log in to your PayPal account and send us some energy to: donate@blogstore.io

And remember: with great power comes great responsibility!

P.S.: Yes, you got us - we like comics! ;)

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